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Candidate Experience: best way to conduct an interview

In the restaurant industry, the success of any business is closely linked to the skills of the staff who work there and whose skills ensure high quality service. Recruiters and employers who want to surround themselves with talent must therefore pay special attention to the candidate experience, making the interview a positive experience both for the different candidates and for the reputation of the business itself.

Here are ways to prepare for an interview and what strategies to put in place to best conduct it.

Before the interview

The selection process always begins with a careful review of the candidate’s resume to understand his or her experiences, skills, and goals. These details will help the recruiter or employer develop a set of relevant questions to assess the candidate’s abilities and suitability for the role for which he or she is applying.

During the interview

Communication and empathy are key to making the interview a positive experience for the potential employee, as well as quick and fruitful for the recruiter.

Posing immediately in an affable and friendly manner, using simple and clear language, will make the candidate feel at ease and lead him or her to respond more transparently to the questions developed for the interview. The questions asked should be clear and relevant in order to receive the most detailed and accurate answers, which will allow the candidate’s technical and human competencies to be assessed, as well as an understanding of how he or she will deal with challenges and problems should the selection process be successful.

Closing the interview

In the final part of the interview, it will be important to answer questions that the candidate might ask about the role or company. In addition to this, it will certainly be necessary to clearly explain the next steps in the selection process, showing transparency and respect to candidates who, regardless of the outcome of the interview, will value this experience.


After the interview, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to give feedback to the candidate in as timely a manner as possible, presenting in a clear and timely manner the decision made at the end of the selection process.

Preparation, empathy and clear communication are therefore key elements in creating a positive candidate experience for potential employees and fruitful for recruiters who will be involved. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, candidates are also potential ambassadors for the company, so enhancing one’s preparation and prior experience during the selection process can have a positive and lasting impact on one’s brand reputation.