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Employer branding and catering: what is the most effective strategy?

In an industry like the restaurant industry, where the search for qualified personnel is almost constant, building a solid employer branding becomes a priority. What is the best employer branding strategy for your business? Let’s try to answer the questions that so many restaurateurs are asking in this article.

Employer branding: what it is

This term refers to a business’s ability to attract and retain talent through engaging and positive communication. The communication line of each business will have to be defined according to its identity: it will therefore be up to the employer to question the values that guide its business and the type of corporate culture it intends to transfer to employees and contractors.

Inclusive company culture

Ensuring that one’s employees always feel welcomed and valued is the foundation of a corporate culture aimed at improving employer branding. The world of catering has always welcomed professionals from different cultures and with different experiences behind them, which, if properly enhanced, help to improve the reputation of the business and the quality of its services.


Developing employer branding also requires an investment in employee training, as a well-trained staff is a significant business advantage.
Provide learning and development opportunities for their staff (courses, certifications, etc.)
will help bring value and uniqueness to your business in the highly competitive restaurant industry.

Benefits for employees

Clearly communicating employee benefits will certainly help to effectively develop employer branding. Meal vouchers, discounts, health insurance and incentive programs are all benefits that will be worth mentioning both in job offers and during interviews, presenting the needs and aspirations of your staff as central to the success of the business.

In the restaurant industry, investing in employer branding offers a number of unique benefits that can ensure the success of your business. By improving the perception of the company among current employees, you can help make each team member feel valued and engaged, reducing turnover and the costs associated with training and recruiting new professionals.

Devoting time and energy to an effective employer branding strategy is a major effort for a business owner in the Ho.Re. Ca: At SC Work, we have developed a solid know-how to help our clients work with professional and competent figures, involving them in every step of the search and selection process to achieve the set goals.